Tines Up has been fortunate to partner up with some of the top leading brands and companies in the hunting industry. We know the products we use are the best on the market and we’d like to share them with you. There’s so many different options when it comes to hunting gear-on our website you’ll be able to find out information and feedback about these products. We strive to build long-term, loyal business relationships, as well as friendships with each of the following companies. So feel free to browse the products and support those that support us!

The 10th Annual Western Hunting & Conservation Expo will combine the very best in hunting expositions with a joint national convention between two major North American wildlife conservation organizations – the Mule Deer Foundation (MDF), and Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife (SFW).


200 Utah premium, limited entry, and once-in-a-lifetime trophy hunting tags will be available to any and all sportsmen (not on revocation) by public drawing for $5 per hunt unit application fee to those who apply and then validate their application in person at the Hunting Expo.  No person may apply on behalf of another.


5 Utah once-in-a-lifetime trophy tags will be made available for non-residents only, including 1 Desert Bighorn Sheep, 1 Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, 1 Shiras Moose, 1 Mountain Goat and 1 Bison.

Prime-Easily the smoothest bow we’ve ever shot! G5’s Parallel Cam is a game-changing technology that creates a new standard for accuracy in compound bows. Here at Tines Up we take pride in shooting our Prime Bows and representing what has been said to be the single biggest innovation to the archery industry in a decade-Parellel Cam Technology.

G5-”Designed to Hunt” describes every product  in the G5 lineup. From their top selling broadheads to their top of the line bows, G5 continues to introduce innovated products to the Industry designed to make bowhunters more effective in the field with the highest level of quality. G5 is a three generation family business and Tines Up is proud to partner up with one of the biggest names in the Bowhunting Industry.

Horn Hunter- Built in the U.S., comfortable, durable, versitile, and with a lifetime warranty, there’s no wonder why Tines Up chooses to pack a Horn Hunter Backpack. We’ve packed out thousands of pounds of shed antlers and meat with these packs and they’re holding up better then any packs we’ve used in the past. Tines Up and Horn Hunter have teamed up to provide you with the coolest packs, scope skins, and camera cases at the highest quality, with an affordable price.

Jumping Jack-One of the many products we use year round is our Jumping Jack Trailer. We’re able to haul all of our gear, including 4-wheelers, and it provides us with a large spacious living area while at camp. Their rugged and durable construction allows us to haul them anywhere when we’re camping, hunting, shed hunting, or scouting. No other tent trailer is this versatile.

Wild Antler Magic-Over the years we have all tried many ways to color our sun bleached shed antlers and while doing so we’ve ruined a bunch of antlers due to stains and other permanent coloring techniques-NOT ANYMORE! W.A.M. is simply the easiest and most affordable way to re-color your weathered shed antlers. The product is re-usable and organic. Nature is hard to replicate but this just might be the closest thing to making those antlers look “FRESH” again.

Vortex-We love our Vortex Optics! With the best Warranty in the Industry and a quality glass, Vortex quickly became a huge name in an already competitive market. We have been partnered up with Vortex for many years now and highly recommend their products to all of our friends and family. Their optics are perfect for us and our digiscoping set-up. We have captured some of our most amazing shots through Vortex Optics!

Black Ice Coatings-Have you ever wanted your favorite gun or four wheeler to be camo or one of many other options? Well, we have and that’s how we got connected with Black Ice. They have dipped many of our items including guns and four wheeleer plastics and fenders. They provide great service and custom jobs if needed. Check out the gallery page on their site and let them know Tines Up sent you!

No boiling and no beatles! Moutain Mikes has taken the art of european style mounts to the next level. They offer many products including their top selling Skull Master kits which allows us to mount some of those awesome trophy sheds. We have mounted dozens of racks on these skulls including 200″+ muleys and 360″+ elk sheds. Finally, a clean and simple way to mount your trophy rack whether it be a set of sheds or a Boone and Crocket Record book buck.

When you combine a hardcore hunter with a wildlife artist, you create a Professional Taxidermist. Jeremy Chamberlain is the owner and artist behind Braggin’ Rights Taxidermy and he is passionate about his work! If you want the peace of mind that your trophy will be returned to you looking better than before, then contact Jeremy. He has mounted several of our trophies and we highly recommend his work to everyone. He’s taken some of our old racks and brought them back to life and he’s also taken some of our trophy sheds and made them masterpieces of art. When it’s your turn to mount that trophy, remember Braggin’ Rights Taxidermy.

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